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the senchi biz

The biz has essentially been an experiment making gear I believe in while paying off student loans as I simultaneously continue my career in nursing. There is a sense of freedom in running a business that isn’t my main focus, I can maintain at my own pace, and a space I can be honest and transparent to customers because profit is not my bottom line. There is less pressure to abide by the outdoor gear status quo business model. Combining fabrics, making interesting designs and color swatches without the endless design approval process, and creating ridiculous content. So far it’s been a successful experiment as alpha is relatively new to the market as a standalone piece. I am a skeptical consumer myself and I’ve loved using alpha as part of my layering system year-round. If I feel like it sucks, I’ll scrap it or innovate the design.

How is the Senchi different from other fleeces?

The Senchi is built around the characteristics of the alpha material itself. The underarm gusset allows for more freedom of movement and stretching without recoil. The balaclava style hood is designed to minimize heat loss. The piece acts like a synthetic jacket when paired with an outer shell. On the contrary, when you start to get overheated, unzipping your outer shell allows for immediate ventilation. Microgrid fleece is warmer and wind resistant, but is also 3x heavier, ineffective as a static insulation piece, and does not allow for adequate ventilation when you’re building up a sweat. Despite how many fleeces fabrics are marketed, they do not breathe as well as they advertise.

WTF is a ‘Drop’?

Currently due to limited availability of product and the quick sale rate, we aren’t able to hold inventory. Drops are ways we can let people know when they are available, at a certain time/date, and when they go live. Check out the main page or Instagram bio for details on drop upcoming dates, or sign up for emails at the footer.

OK cool, but how does it suck?

Polartec Alpha has a high tension strength, but is not puncture-resistant. Any piece of gear that is highly specialized will have drawbacks. Inherently, an ultralight garment will be more prone to durability issues than heavier materials. When you buy ultralight gear (and when you are ultralight adventuring in general) you are taking a risk. And that risk can be mitigated by your own knowledge and skillset. Treat this piece with care and caution, and use your Senchi Bag.

I NEED one! The hype is real! I need the GORP!

While it is a really great piece of gear… you really don’t. The consumerism in the gear world is rampant and unnecessary. There is likely nothing inadequate about the gear you already have. Buy gear to use it and love it, not to just simply acquire it.

Do you do sponsorships?

We're not participating in any ambassadorships or sponsorships, but really appreciate any interest, support, shoutouts, and honest feedback. If we decide otherwise, we would be primarily focused on uplifting the voices of BIPOC/indigenous community members and those living in underserved communities.

Does alpha bead in rain and would I stay warm and at approximately what temperature rating does this compare walking on flat paved sidewalks in FL vs hiking on the AT uphill at approx 3mph?

Next question.

What’s the temperature rating on these bad boys?

Great question. I get it all the time. Let me just throw a few quick questions back at you to get a better idea:

Do you stay adequately hydrated when you hike and before you sleep? Did you get enough calories throughout the day? Do you run cold or warm? What’s your body fat percentage? Are you hiking in only socks and a thong? Is it windy? Are you planning to use a layer over it? Or under it? Are you actively hiking or sitting around camp? As you can see... quite a few variables to account for, and an answer is fairly arbitrary.

Holy cannoli you sold out so fast! What’s the deal?

We’re a small operation. Currently there is a high demand with limited quantity. We try to be responsive to everybody, make as much as we can, find time to design and create new stuff. We sincerely appreciate all of your support, kindness, feedback, understanding, and patience.

My payment went through even though I didn’t get one!

It was likely that the product sold out before payment was complete. Your payment did not process completely if you did not receive a confirmation on your order. No transaction occurred. Your payment will soon be reversed back into your account.

Why don't you have a saved cart feature during checkout?

Most E-commerce platforms don't allow you to hold items in checkout. Small businesses aren't able to do this given the limited payment platform options. From what I've heard from people successfully checking out, is that Apple pay or Google pay are going to be your winners in this situation.

Also, a saved-cart feature would only result in compounding the same situation. Instead of prioritizing individuals who are able to checkout the fastest, it would lead to issues of people being able to hold items in their cart the fastest, and likely with a larger number of items. This means not only would there still be a demand bottleneck, but you may actually be less likely to snag one due to the new opportunity to quickly able to hold multiple pieces.