who we are :

Senchi is a design and innovation studio based in Portland, OR specializing in ultralight apparel for your outdoor adventures. Built in the USA from highly functional fabrics and simplified technical designs.

Senchi Designs Alpha Direct Hoodie
alpha varieties :

Alpha Direct 60 : This is the lightest weight of Polartec Alpha Direct. It is highly breathable and suitable for high-intensity activities where ventilation is crucial.

Alpha Direct 90 : Mid-weight and versatile, this material is suitable for a wide range of activities and conditions.

Alpha Direct 120 : Heavier weight and highly insulated, this material is best for colder conditions and activities where warmth is a priority.


The Senchi hoodie is meticulously built around the specific characteristics of Polartec Alpha fabric.  The underarm gusset allows for more freedom of movement and stretching without recoil and the balaclava style hood is designed to minimize heat loss. The garment acts like a synthetic jacket when paired with an outer shell that, when unzipped, allows for immediate ventilation. In contrast with microgrid fleece, Polartec Alpha is 3x lighter in weight and extremely breathable - providing adequate ventilation when you’re building up a sweat.

Polartec Alpha has a high tension strength, but is not puncture-resistant. Any piece of gear that is highly specialized will have drawbacks. Inherently, an ultralight garment will be more prone to durability issues than heavier materials.

Extend the lifetime of your Senchi by washing it infrequently, and always storing and washing it inside of your Senchi Bag.
Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
Do not bleach, dry-clean, iron, use fabric softener, or machine-wash with agitator.

All synthetic apparel is made from petroleum products. The fabric that makes up your Senchi is 50-100% recycled; however, it’s still plastic.
The issue with synthetic clothing is that with wash and wear they shed microscopic plastic fibers that travel down the water column and accumulate in marine environments.
The Senchi Bag is designed to mitigate the release of plastic into the environment. While it is not a holistic solution to microplastic waste, washing your Senchi in this bag will prevent a substantial amount of microsythetic fibers from being released into the water column.

Drops are the way we release products for sale. Once every 5-7 weeks we stock our online store and schedule a certain date and time to make it go live - the products/colors releasing as well as the timing of the drop can be found on the main page of our website and on our Instagram bio. Sign up for our mailing list at the footer of the page to be notified of future drop dates.

While we are constantly working to increase our production output and still wrestling with supply chain delays - the demand for Alpha products continuously is exceeding supply and we often aren’t able to hold inventory.  Despite what you might think, we’re a very small operation and though we are stoked on your enthusiasm, we are committed to growing the company mindfully and continuing to manufacture in the USA. We sincerely appreciate all of your support, kindness, feedback, understanding, and especially your patience.

While it is a really great piece of gear… you really don’t. The consumerism in the gear world is rampant and unnecessary. There is likely nothing inadequate about the gear you already have. Buy gear to use it and love it, not to just simply acquire it.

We're not participating in any ambassadorships or sponsorships, but really appreciate any interest, support, shoutouts, and honest feedback. If we decide otherwise, we would be primarily focused on uplifting the voices of BIPOC/indigenous community members and those living in underserved communities.