Microsynthetic Fibers
  • All synthetic apparel is made of plastic. Despite your Senchi being 50-100% recycled - that’s rad - but it’s still plastic. And yes, even your Melanzana is plastic.

  • Microsynthetic fibers are microscopic pieces of plastic clothing that travel down the water column, accumulate in the marine environment, and can be ingested by marine organisms.

  • The Senchi Bag is designed to mitigate the release of plastic into the environment. It is not a sustainable solution to microplastic waste, but your active participation in its use can reduce a substantial amount of microsythetic fibers released into the water column during the wash cycle.

  • Machine wash cold inside Senchi Bag, delicate cycle, tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

  • Do not bleach, dry-clean, iron, use fabric softener, or machine-wash with agitator.

  • Alpha has a high tension strength, but is not puncture-resistant. Best for on-trail use. Store inside Senchi Bag when not in use. Be smart, know your gear, and know your limits when you're playing outside.