Senchi Designs Alpha Direct Hoodie

active insulation

When adventuring with intention, we need gear that is versatile and efficient : Gear that works with us, wear all day, in every condition.

Active insulation fleece was developed to adapt to the user, with enough breathability to avoid overheating during high-exertion, and enough insulation to stay warm during static conditions. By eliminating the need for a backing fabric, Polartec Alpha Direct insulation allows for exceptional breathability and effective moisture management in an incredibly lightweight garment.



Senchi Designs Wren Hoodie made from Polartec Alpha Direct

The Senchi is a versatile and extremely light knit fabric that maximizes breathability on its own, and is a superior insulation under a shell. Two seemingly contradictory qualities for one piece of gear, yet when integrated in your layering system, does both perfectly.

The Senchi is a stand-alone Polartec® Alpha fleece, a material originally manufactured to be layered against an outer shell. This shell has been removed to allow for enhanced breathability, versatility, simplicity, and the ability to customize your layering system more efficiently.

If you’re someone that’s used to microgrid or polar fleece, Polartec® Alpha may feel like new territory.